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Aller Media is a magazine publisher in the Nordic countries, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. It publishes Elle, Cafe, Familie Journalen, Femina, Allers and Se og Hør. Aller Media was founded in Copenhagen in 1873 by Carl Aller and his wife Laura Aller. It expanded into Sweden and Norway in the 1890s and into Finland in 1992.

Allers has an open office and toxic working environment, low salary, poor management, and no development opportunities, according to a former employee at

"Open office environment, bad pay, bad onboarding, bad work environment, bad development opportunities, bad people, bad management."


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Spy Kou says

""Easy Return" does not work in Athens. The international return shipping cost is higher than the value of returns. They do not confirm that they will pay the shipping cost. They do not issue the refund. They do not reply in my email The review is for Kamiceria 19/01/2020 I still have not yet received the refund!!!!! I am experiencing the worst service ever. I do not know their courier , but I have a strong that Kamiceria do not have courier partner."

Peter says

""Easy Return" does not work in Paris (thus in whole France I guess). So I have to pay myself an international return shipping (40 euros)."

Joan Miravitlles says

"I Still didn’t get my package and don’t know where is it"

Fabien Delante says

"Quality of the products is exactly the same as in any shop around, but the price is much lower. Brands like ETON or XACUS are amazing quality for the price. On the other hand, customer service is just awful. It took one months to get delivery of my last order, without any compensation being offered!!!"

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